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Believe it or not, 79% of smartphone owners have purchased using their mobile devices. If you do not have an e-commerce mobile app for your customers, could be missing out on a lot of sales.

Why should your business have its eCommerce app?

Benefits of eCommerce Mobile Apps in a Nutshell.

Ecommerce mobile app Customer loyalty

Loyal and repeat visitors

E-commerce mobile app plays an important role in building customer loyalty. Because they can increase their repeat business opportunities and improve referral rates. They can also increase the rate of adoption of new products and services.

Ecommerce Mobile app Increased visibility

Increased visibility

With an e-commerce mobile app, you can easily increase the visibility of your products with better customer service and increased product selection. You can also provide live product tracking capabilities, so customers know where their orders are in the process.

Saves your customers time

Ecommerce apps provide a one-stop-shop for customers looking to buy products online. Allows customers to purchase with ease. The app also offers product comparison, allowing customers to find the best deals on quality products.

Ecommerce mobile app Product reviews

Product reviews

Product reviews option in ecommerce mobile app benefits in multiple ways. First and foremost, reviews play an important role in product sorting for buyers on the app.

Ecommerce mobile app Trouble free sell


Online shopping is hassle-free, time and money saving and easy to find products.

Ecommerce app Easy campaign

Easy campaign

Promotion by app is easy, deliver your products and services to millions of customers online instantly.

Ecommerce app Activities management

Activities management

Customer, officer, and product management-related activities become very easy with the app.

Customer activism

A study conducted by woocommerce revealed that at least 50% of eCommerce customers tend to be always active on their respective mobile apps.

Ecommerce mobile app user engagement

Better engagement

With an e-commerce mobile app, it's easy to engage customers on the go. Easily connect with your customers through messages and notifications. Discover what your customers are buying and how they are using your products.

Ecommerce mobile app competitor


When you're selling online, it's important to keep up with your competitors. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most effective ways is through an e-commerce mobile app. This app allows you to mine data and stay ahead of the curve by being able to track trends in your industry. Additionally, this app makes it easy to order products quickly and easily from your phone.

By Ecommerce mobile app Double sales even in pandemic

Double sales even in pandemic

With an e-commerce mobile app, you can generate double sales even during a pandemic. As more people turn to smartphones for shopping, so does purchasing medical marijuana. With some clever planning and execution, you can optimize your online presence and product catalog to take advantage of increased demand during a pandemic.

The game changer

Key features of our eCommerce mobile app

An E-commerce platform that is made to impress
Ecommerce Mobile app Smart Chat

Smart Chat

Stay connected with your customers all the time through real-time chat, messenger, WhatsApp, phone calls, etc.

Ecommerce mobile app social Login

Social login

There is an easy way to register or sign up via Apple, Facebook, Google, or email.

Ecommece mobile app push notification

Push Notification

Send notifications, and order status notifications via OneSignal or Firebase, and stay updated with customers.

Ecommece mobile app Wishlist


Take advantage of bookmarking favorite products for later purchases.

Ecommece mobile app Multi currency

Multi Currency

Our app also has a currency exchange facility, through which customers can make purchases in any currency from any country.

Key features of our eCommerce mobile app
Ecommece mobile app sms login or OTP login

SMS login

Smooth login via SMS with just a few taps using a phone number.

Ecommece mobile app Coupon


Search, listings, coupon banners, percentage off, and special discount management will keep your customers always excited.

Ecommece mobile app Order tracking

Order Tracking

By supporting the Woocommerce order status and AfterShip plugin, customers will always be updated about the status of goods through order tracking.

Ecommece mobile app Shipping


Supports default Woocommerce shipping or any shipping plugin

Ecommece mobile app Multi Language


This eCommerce app has a language change facility, people of any country or language can change their preferred language.

App Payment System

Our eCommerce mobile app supports all types of domestic and foreign payment gateways.

Ecommerce Mobile app payment getaway

Black and White edition

We also have a white or black version. Users can select their preferred version.


Ecommerce Mobile app Black edition


Ecommerce Mobile app Screen Shot

Our app is developed using Flutter, which is the world's most popular and powerful
software development kit created by Google.

Our Ecommerce Mobile app animation demo

Ecommerce mobile app shopping app Animation Demo product slide show
Shopping app product page

Image Gallery

Product Slide show
Ecommerce mobile app shopping app very fast archive page Animation Demo
Shopping app archive page

Super fast

60 frames per second fps 

Ecommerce mobile app shopping app quick search Animation Demo
Shopping app Category Listing

Quick Search

Quickly find desire product
Ecommerce mobile app shopping product Animation Demo
Shopping app product animation

Product page animation

The product will be displayed in front of the user with a beautiful animation.
Ecommerce mobile app shopping app product filter Animation Demo
Shopping app filter option

Smooth Filter Option

Awesome product filtering system.

Ecommerce mobile app shopping app product description Animation Demo
Shopping app parallax image of product

Parallax Image

Parallax image and product description section on the product page.
Ecommerce mobile app shopping Instagram profile share Animation Demo
Shopping app social share

Instagram tag

Share your Instagram tag and profile.

Ecommerce mobile app shopping app black and white edition Animation Demo
Shopping app dark or lite

Dark and Lite Theme

Advantages of choosing a dark or light theme.

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