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Material Accuracy:
The WebDropp Website ( or App (WebDropp) may contain errors in technical, typographical, photographic, visual graphical, video graphical or audio, or other digital/physical materials. WebDropp does not make any warranty that the materials/materials provided on its website/app are accurate, complete, or up-to-date. WebDropp reserves the right to change its website/app content/tools at any time without prior notice. Also, WebDropp does not make any commitment to update the materials/tools they provide.

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Alterations or enhancements:
WebDropp reserves the right to change, amend and modify all terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. All terms and conditions as last compiled or updated shall apply to you in using/accepting the WebDropp website, WebDropp app, or any product/service of WebDropp.

Software Development Product/Service Terms
You agree to the terms and conditions of the Software/App development products and services provided by WebDropp that:

  • Submit the necessary information to the appointed representative of WebDropp within 7 days of the order.
  • Allow 20 days for the final handover of services. Additional 5-15 days or negotiable time will be provided if more time is required due to any unusual accident or problem such as internet/power connection, server, software related errors.
  • If the customer fails to provide the required project development information within the specified 7 days, then the project site will be populated with sample content/materials, which the customer can later change or seek the assistance of our engineers by filing a support ticket (maximum 3 in months).
  • Project Manager will provide login and admin (where applicable) access to all project-related software at the time of project handover.
  • The customer shall change all security-related login details and enable 2-step verification if required (where applicable) at his/her own responsibility after taking up the project. Later any security-related complaints will not be accepted.
  • If you need to give us admin access for any help after the handover of the project, provide it and change the login information after the handover.
  • Customers will be provided with a client account on the WebDropp website/app after ordering the product/service. Where you will communicate and exchange information with our representative through Support Ticket Center. Support will not be provided through any other means. For example phone, email, social media, etc.
  • At the time of availing the service, pay the full amount of the service by following the guidelines of our website/app or come directly to our office and take assistance in this matter or deposit it in the designated bank account of the organization.
  • Subscription-based services will be activated/provided for as long as the subscription period continues. At the end of the term, the customer can activate the service by paying the subscription fee in full from his account or can cancel/stop the subscription at any time.
  • Support will be provided to the customer up to 1 month after the handover of the service/project. Which includes:
    1. Any problem found in the developed website/software will be resolved.
    2. The software will be updated to new versions (as per customer demand and software version availability).
    3. Access to the Support Ticket Center will be provided (general Q&A).
  • All products/services displayed on the website/app are price specific. However, discounts are often offered on special occasions. Customers can take advantage of discounts by participating in these discounts.
  • WebDropp shall not be held liable for any loss incurred by any third party or official of WebDropp who personally performs or attempts to do so through any means other than the customer organization (WebDropp).
  • Support Hours: 11:30 am – 8 pm, Saturday – Thursday. Except for public holidays.
    Customers can log into his/her account at any time (24x7) and submit a ticket (if applicable) to the Support Center. Our representatives will continuously respond to customer tickets on the next working day.
  • In case of any technical or other problems related to the project, our project development officers will be given the opportunity and time required to resolve them at the earliest.
  • WebDropp reserves all rights to cancel the project if the customer violates one or more of the mentioned conditions or does not provide adequate support in the development of the project. In this case, a refund will not be applicable.
  • The cost of goods and services is not returnable or refundable. Therefore, WebDropp will not be held responsible for ordering the wrong products/services by mistake and no refund will be given for the transaction. However, any other service of equal value can be taken with the help of the Support Ticket Center. However, the decision of WebDropp, in this case, will be considered final.

If you do not agree with the mentioned conditions; WebDropp's products/services cannot be accepted. By purchasing WebDropp's products and services, you agree to all of the above-mentioned terms and conditions.

Last compiled: 01 January 2023.