Refunds and Returns

Software development services
The price of software development services is not specific. As the price is determined according to the customer's demand, the service must be ordered by paying the price specified in the contract with the consent of both parties (first party: Web Dropp, second party: customer) at the time of project acceptance.

Web Dropp shall be bound to provide the services specified in the contract. 80% of the fixed price of software development services only shall be refunded in case of non-delivery of the said services for any reason. 20% will be deducted as a processing fee. However, before refunding, the customer must give Web Dropp an additional minimum of 15 days to resolve the issue.

The Customer shall be provided with the purchased software and license code related to the Project (if any or purchase, as per the Agreement). Of course, the customer will pay the price of the value-added software and understand the contract at his own risk. The customer shall be obliged to present the mutually agreed contract at the time of refund. Otherwise, the refund request will be considered canceled.

If you do not agree with the stated return policies; Please refrain from accepting Web Dropp's products and services. By purchasing Web Dropp's products and services, you agree to the return policy stated above.

Last Updated on 01 January 2023.